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Presented at a Seminar on Islamization of the Medical Curriculum and Practice held at the International Islamic University Kuantan Malaysia 26-27th August 2013 by Professor Omar Hasan K Kasule MB ChB (MUK), MPH (Harvard), DrPH (Harvard) EM, WEB:


  • The role of a lecturer as a murabbi is basically doing things right to be a model for students.
  • The most effective murabbi is one who undertakes his role without consciously thinking about it.
  • They must be careful in their actions, attitudes, and words at all times because being models and leaders they are seen and are emulated.
  • They must be aware that sometimes they can teach using body language without saying anything[1]; they have to be careful about their public dispositions


  • Lecturers should take their task very seriously; this includes over-preparation for any teaching activity however small it may be and being punctual.
  • They should have the humility to know that their knowledge is limited and that they can always learn more. Arrogance of the lecturer because of knowledge is condemned[2].
  • They should be ready to carry out their function at all times and at any opportunity[3].
  • They should have an appropriate emotional expression. They can raise the voice to emphasize an important point[4]. They can show anger or displeasure when a mistake is committed[5].


  • A murabbi lecturer desists from too much preaching to students and will focus on showing them the right example of behavior and creating the right atmosphere for their moral development.
  • He will also desist from direct criticism; when he sees a mistake he should correct it by showing the right behavior.
  • Since the influence of the murabbi lecturer is by being a model, he should be careful to make sure that his words are consistent with his action both inside and outside the classroom.


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